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Niki Cutts
Niki Cutts
Managing Director

Our business focus is to increase the number of energy projects we work on. As I am Eastern European-based, I have focused on working on oil and gas projects this region and Russia.

My PhD & Masters studies at the University of Lancaster focused on the oil and the environment. This opened the doors to working in the energy sector commercially, where I  co-authored a management report for the Financial Times on the potential for renewables in the EU.

Through my alumni network at the University of  Lancaster, I am am very happy to be developing CastleWard with Sameer, who will help us expand further into CIS countries and emerging markets.

Languages: English, French, Czech

: nikicutts
Sameer Chaturvedi
Sameer Chaturvedi
Head of Business Development in Emerging Markets

I have around 15 years of experience in assisting several large organisations to obtain lucrative projects in energy and infrastructure in India, Africa and CIS countries.

During my working life, I have developed a large business network, contacts in key government departments as well as links to international bodies such as the World Bank, The African Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the European Investment Bank. 

I hold an MBA from Lancaster University, UK and a BA(Hons) from St. Stephens College, India. I speak Hindi and English.

I am a member of various trade associations in India & Africa.

Kamila Krucka
Kamila Krucka
Finance Manager

I worked for PwC before becoming a registered Tax Advisor in 2001. Subsequently I worked for the French accounting company Mazars. Since this time, I started working for Niki, and have done so for the past 12 years.

I advise CastleWard on all matters relating to financial planning, accounting and taxation. I have a degree in Economics from the Czech Republic.

Languages: Czech, English, French, Russian.

Silvia Barreiro
Silvia Barreiro
Head of International Trade

With a background in international trade, I was hired by CastleWard to manage matters relating to trade. I ensure that goods are exported out of the EU in a flawless manner. I liaise with clients, our export agent and Hana who help me manage this work.

I hold degree studies in History and Art and a Certificate of Higher Education in International Trade from IES Ponte, Pedrina, Spain. 

Languages: Spanish, Galician and English. 

: silvia.barreiro@castleward.eu
Andrea Vlckova
Andrea Vlckova

Operations & Projects

I have worked in a management role for 15 years so I am used to managing people and resources. As well as managing contractors and taking care of compliance issues, I am also selecting Czech products to export to emerging markets.

Though my work, I am assisting with ongoing projects. I am happy to be learning new skills and working in an international sphere.

Languages: Czech & English

Shusma Maharjan
Shusma Maharjan
Research Analyst & Projects

While working for CastleWard, I am studying for an MBA at CZU in Prague. I hold a Batchelor's Degree in Business from Nepal. After graduating, I worked in marketing for JTI.

I am will now be focusing my analytical stills on the energy sector through the new projects what Sameer is bringing to CastleWard.

I speak English and Nepali.


David Perez de San Roman
David Perez de San Roman
Marketing & Advertising

I have studied marketing and advertising at Egibide-Molimuevo in Spain. I am happy to be applying my knowledge to my work at CastleWard. 

I am assisting with projects, analysing markets, coupled with working on the company's website and setting up a social media presence.

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English

Hana Petrechová
Hana Petrechová
Logistics Management

I hold a Master Degree in Foreign Trade Relations and Economics from the Czech Republic. In 1992, I founded the Business Centre CHRONOS which I manage up-to today while myself and my staff assist CastleWard which logistical support relating to international trade.

Languages: Czech and English. 

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