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Increasingly, CastleWard is becoming more commodity-focused, winning increasing numbers of projects in the energy sector. We typically provide consultancy and project management for large energy projects in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, although we cooperate also with companies in Western Europe.

We are also constantly developing our international distribution network. This allows us to broker deals, between suppliers and distributors, as well as consultancy projects and service providers. Our location and language skills give us a competitive advantage over other companies in our field.

CastleWard became an associate member of EASEE-gas in 2013 http://easee-gas.eu/membership/members-list, an organisation which was set up to develop and promote business practices as well as to simplify and streamline both physical gas transfer and trading across Europe.

Since the beginning of 2014, we have been aiming to extend our focus into the Middle East by starting to cooperate with GCC-based consultants. From our contacts in the GCC, we are looking for investors for renewable energy funds located in the EU.


At the beginning of 2014, we won a large contract in Africa to advise on the sale of a telecoms company. Our cross-boarder legal team is advising on telco licensing, intellectual property and procurement.

Increased commercial activity in Africa has led us to take the decision to open a branch office in Africa in 2015.

We would be delighted to discuss cooperation on other telco projects, particularly in the area of M&A legal assistance.

Cotton & hemp

We have started importing hemp material from Romania into the Czech Republic. We are currently testing its durability with a view to distributing this material into the Czech Reoublic. Due to the environmental benefits of hemp (it requires little water as well as no chemical pesticides and fertilisers to grow). we believe that the use of hemp will become more common.

We have also set up a sister company, Better On Me s.r.o. that will produce luxury accessoriries from hemp.

This foothold in textiles began by our contract to quality test cotton yarn which we have been carrying out for some years.


Since 2011, we have been assisting with the purchase of specialist pharmaceutical equipment from western countries and export them to Russia and the Ukraine. We have our own business network in these countries. We source goods in Western Europe for them, arranging the logistic as well as providing the customs clearance and documents to export out of the EU.

Futures commodities trading platform

CastleWard is a business partner of RJO'Brien, authorised to introduce commodity traders to use the company's future's trading platform.

Founded in 1914, the company is one of the last 'boutique' futures firms in the industry. It is one of the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firms in the United States. A futures commission merchant (FCM), RJO is a full clearing member of: the CME Group (founding member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and all its markets; Intercontinental Exchange (ICE); NYSE Liffe U.S.; and the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE).

RJO offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on every futures exchange worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 400 IBs and many of the world's largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions. We do not engage in proprietary trading; all of our business focuses on our valued clients.

If you would like more information about how you can use the trading platform, please contact us on the contact details below.

Futures commodities trading platform

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