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Efficiency solutions through technology

Considerable efficiency gains can be achieved in emerging markets. Governments need help collecting tax revenues, identifying individuals, digitising processes, and so on. The private sector also needs help.

We select and represent cutting edge companies to enter our target countries including Africa, South-East Asia and CIS countires. Governments need assistance.


Private companies need help streamlining their processes and services, allowing them to compete in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

If we can help your company entre markets, please let us know. Conversely, if you are in an emerging market and need a technical solutions partner, we are here to help you. 

Transformation through innovative infrastructure

We select progessive solutions and represent them for infastructure projects in emerging markets. 

We have a substantial network in Africa, South-East Asia, CIS and India where we can assist Engineering and construction companies enter these markets to attain projects such as for highways, expressways, flyovers, urban planning, sanitation, building industrial units and power plants.


We provide outsourced sales and marketing, assistance with tenders, liaising with government departments, and international tax structuring, meaning you can focus on your core business expertise.

Let us take care of these specialised services, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Smart energy solutions that enhance lives

We are particularly interested in taking new, energy-efficient and renewable technologies to emerging markets that allow countries leap frog over less efficient ones. Bringing energy to remote areas to is of key importance for us.

We currently assist in natural gas projects in CIS countries and Turkey. We have also developed a substantial business network in Africa, South-East Asia, India and the GCC where we are seaking out projects.


Our areas of specialisation includes power generation, transmission, distribution and renewables. We can provide sales and marketing, assistance with tenders, liaising with government departments and international tax structuring. 

If you are looking for a company to partner with in our regions of speciality, please let us know. You may be looking to aquire a company in this region which we can assist with.


Trading of pharmaceuticals & customs clearance

Since 2011, we have been assisting with the purchase of specialist pharmaceutical equipment from western countries and export them to Russia and the Ukraine. The goods are bought in Western Europe, and we export them outside of the European Union. We help with logistics and customs-clearing the goods.

We are looking to find new partners to help with the flow of pharmaceutical products into and out of the EU.

We are also interested in pairing with a company providing a blockchain solution that will identify genuine drugs, protecting consumers against counterfeit medicines.


Finding new markets for consumer goods

We are working helping companies with high quality consumer goods find new markets in emerging markets. With our office location in Central Europe, we are looking for more brands here to represent abroad.

In conjunction with this, we are currently selecting high quality brands in emerging markets to export their goods into the European Union. If you want assistance with entering new markets, let us know.

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